Meet Our Brisbane Dentist Team

We are a team of perfectionists and overachievers,  driven by the goal of creating a kind, fun loving, open and empowered culture that gives you the advice & treatment you need. Our Brisbane dental clinic has the latest equipment and we work hard, but want it to feel effortless allowing us to focus on what matters most – You

Hi, I’m Sally, the proud owner of Excellence in Dentistry

I’ve been practicing dеntіѕtrу ѕіnсе 2000, both in Auѕtrаlіа and аbroad.

One thing I’ve learnt through my years of practice, is that: majority of people don’t like dentists!!!

But – Teeth have always fascinated me; weird! I know! But think about it, your teeth are an inseparable part of your smile, and as they say, ‘your smile is your logo’.

After finishing dental school, I worked both in the public and private sector for a while, before joining UNICEF as Health and Nutrition assistant. In 2010, I decided to open my own practice, which afforded me the freedom to take care of people’s dental wellness in ways I always envisioned my patients deserved—Excellence In Dentistry! A practice built around patients’ needs and expectations.

I finished a “Masters degree in Implantalogy” from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Also, I’ve done further training in Orthodontics and TMD.

We understand Exсеllеnсе In Dеntіѕtrу’s success is аttrіbutеd to being intentionally different & understanding your smile is our reputation

Dr Sally Farhandi

I do not operate alone, I am supported by a fantastic & experienced team, which helps us deliver outstanding results for you

Dr Marc Malek:

 Marc has been passionate about Dentistry from a young age, having been influenced by his extensive family history of health professionals. Marc is an adept communicator who is capable of actively interacting with his patients to provide the highest standard of dental care to maximize patient satisfaction and reduce dental anxiety. Marc strives to create a friendly patient-focused environment that is founded on an overarching sense of care; one that continues to support his patients and enriches their dental experience In his free time, Marc loves spending time with his family and serving in his church.


She’s the boss of the floss! Our enthusiastic hygienist, she is so thorough with her cleans, that you’ll feel your teeth squeaking clean at the end!  She is also the one who lectures our patients on how to clean their teeth, we’ve never seen anybody who doesn’t improve their teeth hygiene after visiting her!


Lisa is a wonderful Oral health Therapist and Hygienist having obtained a Bachelor of Science (Oral Health Therapy) at Curtin University, Perth in 2016.

As a registered Oral Health Therapist through AHPRA, Lisa is committed to providing the highest level of dental care for her patients in a kind & caring manner.

Aside from carrying out preventive hygiene and gum disease treatment on adults, Lisa is highly trained in paediatric dental procedures such as fillings, fissure seals and extractions on kids. Her patient and gentle approach succeeds in carrying out difficult treatment on the most apprehensive kids. Lisa’s strong focus on overall wellbeing through improving oral health, is demonstrated through her listening, educating and motivating our patients.
In her spare time, Lisa is an avid traveller and foodie, and enjoys reading.

Brisbane Lisa Oral Health Therapist & Dental Hygienist


You’ll be seeing our new treatment coordinator’s welcoming face at the front desk from now on.

Sonia brings with her over 27 years of experience in the dental industry in Melbourne and Brisbane. She started her journey as a junior dental assistant and has worked her way up to managerial roles.  She is passionate about patient care and prides herself on delivering exceptional service and will accommodate any patient’s needs to make them feel at ease before and after their visit.  She takes the time to know  patients, so they feel like a part of the family.

Sonia made the move to Brisbane in 2015, and says it’s been the best decision she has ever made.  She loves the warm climate, beaches, hinterland and most recently has meet her dream “French” partner.

Outside of work, Sonia’s interests are hot yoga, meditation, weight training, eating healthy food, travelling, and exploring Queensland’s beauty with her partner and her two adorable cavoodles.  She also makes time to go back home to Melbourne and visit family and friends.


Wendy is our front office Coordinator, having been a good patient of Excellence in Dentistry for many years and then by mere luck, we came to a point when she had left her previous job and a position had become available at our practice, so we saw the opportunity and invited her to join us.

So now, we’re lucky to have her onboard and though she’s been in medical field for many years, she settled into the dental environment so quickly and has already become a significant part of our team. She is friendly and has a way with people, everyone feels so comfortable and loved around her which is a blessing for everyone, especially our nervous patients.

Wendy has been happily married for 35 years and is blessed to have 2 wonderful daughters and 3 grandbabies. Her hobbies include spending time with family and friends, going to cinema- big Harry Potter fan. Also, she loves being caddy for hubby at golf. She enjoys taking long walks especially when on holidays exploring new sights.


Anna is my super nurse. We make the best dentist-nurse team. I swear sometimes, she reads my mind when she holds an instrument in front of me that I was just thinking of asking for! She is very gentle and has a calm nature which is comforting for our patients


Vicky’s been an inseparable part of our family for many years now, she used to be our kids’ full-time nanny. When the boys started school, we decided we did not want to let go of a hardworking and trustworthy coworker so that’s the reason we offered to train her to become a dental nurse which she welcomed happily. These days, she assists at the practice and helps us with our kids at home. We credit her with our boys’ love of reading books in the digital world. She used to read for our boys for hours and hours since they were very little until they started reading on their own.


Practice manager and my husband. I asked him to help me with the management of the practice just for a couple months after my first son was born in 2011. And we realised we really enjoy working together. Having a Master of Business Administration from QUT enables him to be in his element managing our business and I can focus on what I’m good at; taking care of people’s dental needs. That’s how we became partners at work as well as home. Our patients love his friendly and down to earth attitude and enjoy having long chats with him before or after their appointments. The popular topics are motorbikes, watches, tennis, football and politics!!!

Friendly Dentists with the knowledge & experience you deserve

The team at Excellence In Dentistry are experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly friendly, gentle and considerate.

Our dentists provide the highest quality care whilst ensuring your comfort, with a customised  treatment plans that suits your unique needs and budget.

Conveniently located in Wickham Terrace, Brisbane with easy parking for families and close to the railway station for city commuters