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Pure Ceramic Implants in Brisbane

Excellence in Dentistry is proud to have been offering pure ceramic implants for suitable patients for more than 10 years. This type of implant is an effective solution for patients who, for whatever reason, are unable to have metal dental implants.

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Who Is A Candidate?

While it is rare, there are cases where people are allergic to the titanium implants. This is rare because the titanium used in dental implants is biocompatible. However, if this does occur we have pure ceramic implants to help you receive the treatment you need.

Another indication for ceramic implants are people with thin gums particularly if they need an implant at the front part of their mouth. There is a chance that the shadow of a Titanium implant becomes visible through the thin gums and jeopardises the esthetic of the smile.

Lastly, some people do not like the idea of having metal in their body hence they opt for ceramic Zirconia implants. At Excellence in Dentistry, we use two types of ceramic zirconia implants depending on the site and function required.


Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant Monotype

Straumann Pure Ceramic implants combine Swiss quality, precision, strength and clinical success that helps patients achieve a metal free and favourable soft tissue management solution.

They are made from high-performance zirconia ceramic with Straumann® ZLA® surface which features revolutionary osseointegrative properties.

The process is similar to traditional dental implants, with one important exception. Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant Monotype is a one-piece implant so there is only the dental implant and the implant crown.

Nobel ™Pearl™ from Nobel Biocare

The revolutionary Nobel Pearl™ is the perfect solution for esthetic zones. The two-piece 100% metal free and soft tissue friendly is made of alumina-toughened zirconia (ATZ). A more durable hybrid ceramic with improved hardness, bending strength, and toughness. Every component is 100% metal free, including the implant, restorative abutment and screw.

This type of dental implant is suitable for replacing single or multiple teeth in either your upper or lower jaw.

Ceramic Dental Implants FAQs:

What are ceramic dental implants?

Ceramic dental implants, such as Straumann Pure Ceramic Implant Monotype and Nobel Pearl, are alternatives to traditional titanium implants. They are made of highly biocompatible ceramic material designed to replace missing teeth roots

What are the advantages of ceramic dental implants?

Ceramic implants are metal-free, making them suitable for individuals with metal allergies or sensitivities. They also offer excellent aesthetics as they can closely mimic the appearance of natural teeth roots.

How long do ceramic dental implants last?

While the longevity of ceramic implants can vary depending on individual factors and maintenance, they are designed to be durable and can last a long time, potentially even a lifetime, with proper care. The implant crown that is exposed in the mouth environment is subject to normal wear and tear.

Are ceramic implants as strong as titanium implants?

Ceramic implants are known for their strength and durability. While titanium implants have been the standard for many years, ceramic implants have shown impressive strength and stability, making them a reliable alternative.

Is ceramic suitable for everyone?

Ceramic implants may not be suitable for everyone. A thorough evaluation by our Brisbane dentist is necessary to determine a patient’s candidacy for these implants based on their oral health and bone structure.
Is the procedure for both types the same?

The surgical procedure for placing ceramic implants is generally similar to that of titanium implants. However, some differences may exist due to the unique characteristics of ceramic implants.

How do they compare in terms of aesthetics?

Ceramic implants are highly regarded for their aesthetic appeal. They can blend seamlessly with bone and gums, making them an excellent choice, especially for front teeth restorations.

What is the recovery time after getting implants?

Recovery times may vary among individuals, but patients generally experience a few days of discomfort or mild discomfort following the implant placement. Full recovery and integration can take several months.

Are the associated costs similar?

Ceramic implants may be slightly more expensive than titanium implants due to their material and manufacturing process. However, costs can vary based on individual dental practices and locations.

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