After All-on-4 Dental Implants Brisbane You Can Smile & Enjoy Your Food Again!

All-On-4 Dental Implants concept

Teeth function degeneration is common among older people. As time passes, their teeth may not work as they used to, giving them trouble with chewing food. Even if you aren’t old, disease and accidents can easily cause you to lose your teeth. In such cases, your ability to eat certain foods is impacted, and your self-esteem also takes a hit. Your teeth aren’t just there for functional purposes; they also serve to elevate your aesthetic value.

Dentures are the usual answer to this problem. However, they require constant maintenance and refitting. On the other hand, implants are a more permanent solution—especially the new implant technique, All-On-4.

What Are All-On-4 Dental Implants?

The All-On-4 Dental Implants Brisbane dentists place four (or sometimes six if all-on-six) implants in the arch of your mouth. They put these implants at an angle to maximise the support from the patient’s bones. Even patients with osteoporosis whose bones are compromised can get implants.

Our Brisbane dentist will place two implants on the front and two in the back. Afterwards, they will attach a permanent denture. This procedure is not as invasive as traditional implants, where a dentist may insert up to ten implants per jaw. Furthermore, the entire process takes just one day, saving you from repeated discomfort.

With just four dental implants, this quick treatment can help restore functionality in patients who are missing some or all of their front teeth as well as giving you your smile back. Discover if they are right for you !

Difference Between All-On-4 and Traditional Implants

Before we get into more details about All-On-4, here is a table illustrating the differences:

FactorAll-On-4Traditional Implants
Treatment PeriodSingle surgeryMultiple surgeries with recovery time in-between
Bone GraftRare as the dentist can select the best area for implant insertionMight be required as the implants can only be placed in specific locations
Recovery TimeOne weekCan extend over multiple weeks due to repeated surgeries
Price$23,000 – $27,000$3000 – $6,500 per implant

Benefits of All-On-4 Teeth Implants Brisbane Procedure

All-On-4 has been catching on as a popular technique because of its quick recovery time and less-invasive nature. The procedure will afford you certain benefits, as explained below.

●    Cleaning and Maintenance

After the surgery, cleaning your teeth will not be difficult at all. At first, you have to rinse your teeth with saltwater or mouthwash. After the recovery period, you need to take the same care of your implants that you would with your natural teeth. You will also have to visit your dentist for regular cleanings. If there are any specific hygiene instructions, your dentist will go over them with you.

●    Quick Recovery Time

One of the best things about All-On-4 is the short recovery time. The implants will fuse with your jawbone much faster than traditional solutions. You only need to avoid eatinf hard food for few weeks. The rule is any food than can be cut with butter knofe is ok to bite onto and chew for the first 5 weeks.

●    Available for Patients With Unhealthy Jawbones

Patients with deteriorated jawbones can’t get traditional implants. This group includes patients with osteoporosis as well. Traditional implants require healthy bone to support the numerous screws. For this purpose, dentists often resorted to bone grafts.

All-On-4 has eliminated the need for most bone grafts. During this procedure, dentists insert angled implants into areas with suitable bone density. Thus, they get enough support from the healthy bone tissue without the need for additional grafts in most cases.

●    High Success Rate

Dental implants can act like natural teeth allowing patients to lead a quality life. As long as you take proper care, the implants should last you quite a while. All-On-4 has a success rate of 99.8%, according to studies between 2005 and 2016.

●    Less Invasive

The All-On-4 procedure is less invasive than traditional implants. The process only uses four implants without any additional grafts. Hence, your dentist can complete the entire process in a single day. Due to its less invasive nature, dentists prefer this method. Moreover, the recovery time is also quicker.

How Much Do All-On-4 Dental Implants Cost?

All-on four dental implants cost Brisbane can cost you anywhere from $23,000 to $27,000. You will have to visit your dentist for an exact price. However, the above-stated fee should cover your consultation, surgery (including pre-surgery and post-surgery procedures), x-rays, and denture fitting.

If your private insurance covers dental procedures, they may cover All-On-4 dental implants too. However, we recommend reaching out to your insurance providers to make sure. Compared to traditional implants, All-On-4 may seem expensive at first, but it is more affordable long-term.


All-On-4 dental implants are preferable because of their quick recovery time and less complex surgical procedure. However, if you just need to replace a tooth or two, this may not be the procedure for you.

If you need to get implants for either one or both of your arches, you should discuss the All-On-4 procedure with your dentist. The All-On-4 implants will let you live your life confidently and eat anything you want.

This quick treatment can help restore functionality in patients who are missing some or all of their front teeth as well as giving you your smile back. Discover if they are right for you !

The six most frequently asked questions about All-on-4 dental procedure!

The main difference between all-on-4 and all-on-6 dental implants is the number of implants that are placed in the mouth. The All-on-4 has 4 implants whilst the All-on-6 dental arch rests on 6 implants.

In both cases, the implants bond with the jaw to mimic the pressure placed on it by your natural teeth. The name “All On” comes from the fact that your fixed or removable denture (also called overdentures) will fasten to four or six implants, depending on the procedure. Imagine all of your teeth being connected and only having four or six roots that go into your jaw.

For people who have lost many teeth and want to regain their smile both All On 4 and All On 6 dental implants are great permanent solutions . Generally, the  recovery period is minimal and you will soon forget the implants are even there.

The Risks Associated With All-On-4 Dental Implants are that it is a surgical procedure. As with any surgical procedure, it has risks, even though they are very rare. In terms of surgery, there is a minor chance of complications like infection, blood loss, pain, and limited healing. Additionally, there is a chance of rejection for the implants, although rare.

The procedure has a high 99.8% success rate, and you can help avoid or reduce these risks by practising proper hygiene, not smoking, and not grinding your teeth etc.

In Australia, you can expect to pay between in the region of $23,000 and $27,000 per fixed arch. As with most dental surgery, pricing can vary for several reasons, including types of material used and if there is any other dental work required to prepare your mouth and gums for work.

The reality is dental implants come at a cost, and it is the most common objection to full mouth implants. Implants are not easily removed and if they can be, they may leave a deficit in your jaw that it might not even be possible to have another go.

At Excellence in Dentistry we excel at high-quality affordable dental care, and our pricing for all on 4 services in Brisbane includes consultations, any pre-surgery procedures, the surgery itself, acrylic denture fitting, post-treatment reviews and all x-rays .

In addition we have multiple payment plan options and can tailor a treatment plan to meet both your needs and budget.

You should expect All-on-4 implants to last at least 20 to 25 years, with the potential to last the duration of the patient’s life. Most dental professionals agree that patients can expect All on 4 dental implants to last decades, but this is influenced by factors such as age, health and lifestyle of patient, oral hygiene and implant quality.

Most patients who get All-on-4 implants report experiencing less pain than they anticipated. It’s not painful but you will be more comfortable taking the option of local anaesthesia or IV sedation and being asleep while implants are being placed.

When caring for your “All on 4” or a temporary fixed bridge installed on implants, your goal is to

  1. Rremove any food that remains
  2. Remove bacteria that clings over and under the bridge
  3. Prevent the bacteria from hardening onto the bridge to eventually cause mouth odours and implant related gum disease.

Using an electric toothbrush is a wise investment since this type of brush is 5 times more effective in cleaning than a manual brush. Use a nonabrasive toothpaste especially with acrylic teeth on your bridge.

Brush the top surface of your tongue and this harbours many bacteria that can spread throughout your mouth.

When cleaning and brushing is complete, rinse twice a day

Although you may try to be meticulous in removing the plaque and debris around your implants, we would recommend regular visits to our dental hygienist. The hygienist has better visibility and room to clean anything that may build up under and around the bridge. Tailored instructions on care for your awesome new smile is given on completion of your procedure.

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