Myobrace – No Braces Orthodontics for Kids

Developed by Orthodontists to treat underlying causes of crooked teeth.

Discovere the benefits of myofunctional orthodontics

Statistics show that 3 out of 4 children have crowded teeth these days and their jaws are developing incorrectly. We find these problems even in 3-4 years old kids.

Myobrace can be considered as a preventive pre-orthodontic treatment that for the underlying causes of crooked teeth, allowing for natural growth and development and often can negate the use or requirement for costly dental braces and clear aligners throughout teenage years

And here’s the thing, getting braces, with or without pulling teeth, does not address the underlying causes of crooked teeth.

There was this belief in the past that crowded teeth and other orthodontic problems are as a result of big teeth in small jaws or hereditary factors. But now we know, hereditary factors might have a role, but the main cause is incorrect myofunctional habits like mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing and thumb sucking.

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How many of us had braces in our teenage years, how many of us had teeth pulled out to get straight teeth and after the braces were removed, our teeth ended up crowded again. So, unless incorrect oral habits are corrected, and the jaws are developed properly, we will see relapse of orthodontic treatment or we need life-long retainers.

Fixing incorrect oral habits

Myobrace system® uses myofunctional orthodontic techniques to fix the incorrect oral habits. They are removable appliances that train the tongue to position correctly, improve the arrangement of the muscles in the mouth and apply light forces to align teeth.


Myobrace® treatment does not involve wearing braces or using dental appliances 24 /7. The Myobrace ®appliance needs to be worn one to two hours each day and overnight while sleeping. Also, some simple mouth and lip exercises should be done each day and that’s all that is required in the treatment process

Focus on the cause of crooked teeth

The aim of Myobrace System® is correcting the cause of crooked teeth and underdeveloped jaws and that’s the reason it works best for patients who are still growing. And it’s always best to start sooner as habits become harder to correct in older patients.

Myobrace reduces the need for costly and lengthy Orthodontic treatments later in life and lowers the chance of relapse of orthodontic treatments and the need for life-long retainers.

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