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What Effects Dental Bridge Costs

About Dental Bridges

dental bridgeGetting a dental bridge helps restore the smile and avoid you feeling self-conscious about your missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth is also important because, if the gap is not filled, the surrounding teeth may move into the gap over time and change the way your bite.

A dental bridge is a permanent method that replaces missing teeth with false teeth. The bridge is attached to the teeth on either side of the gap and can made of porcelain or metal, a mixture of the 2, or zirconia.

Being fixed in place they are an alternative to dentures for some patients. They are perfect for patients who require 1 or 2 missing teeth to fill the gap.

Factors That Effect the Cost

1. How many teeth the bridge needs to fill in and their position

This is one of the biggest determining factors. Bridges are measured in units, which essentially means the number of teeth that are involved in the procedure, ‘not’ the number of missing ones replaced.

The most common is the three-unit bridge; two crowns holding a fake tooth to replace the ‘real’ one that is missing. If two teeth were missing, the bridge would need an extra fake tooth, making it a four-unit bridge.

2. Will a dental Implant Be Required For your Bridge

Many of our patients come into our Brisbane dentist clinic inquiring about whether they require a dental implant for their bridge.

Dental bridges are something that can work for missing teeth as they connects the teeth on either side of a space to cover a missing tooth. It can be a great solution if you don’t want to install an implant.

However if there is not enough support from your natural teeth, then implants may be needed- as soon as implants get involved obviously the cost will be much higher than for just a dental bridge.

3. Type of Dental Bridge

In addition to the number of units, the type of bridge will also affect the cost. A bonded-bridge involves significantly less tooth preparation (and time) than a conventional bridge. The lab charges will also be lower and so this will be reflected in the overall price. Unfortunately it can only be used in certain situations and these are quite limited.

If special precision attachments to relieve stresses or solve problem teeth are incorporated into the bridge, expect there to be additional costs. Rest assured if your dentist is thinking of using this in the design for whatever reason, you would be fully informed at the initial consultation.

4. Materials

Whether the bridge is made in all-porcelain or strengthened by a metal sub structure, which is very common, and the type of porcelain used, can have some impact on the amount the dentist must pay to the laboratory.

Location of the bridge may give the dentist reason to recommend one type over another, but can also depend on the person whether they are comfortable with an all-metal crown or a porcelain fused to metal crown. The porcelain crown dental bridge cost in Australia is higher as compared to the porcelain fused to metal crown as it comes as a more cosmetic option.

5. Additional Costs

As with the cost of having a dental crown, there may be other treatments required before preparing the teeth for the bridge. This may include replacing the fillings of the abutment teeth, having root canal treatment, and possibly a post and core.

After an initial consultation of your teeth, your dentist will advise you if these will be needed and the cost of having them done. They will be included on your treatment plan.

Initially you are likely to be charged for the following as part of the pre- bridge assessment.

  • limited examination or consultation
  • X-rays to check underneath the teeth
  • photos may also be needed and incur charges.


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