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Excellence In Dentistry offers a variety of cosmetic dental treatments specifically tailored to you

At Excellence In Dentistry we focus on improving our patients’ smiles with conservative and non-invasive dental procedures.

We offer the following treatments to make you look and feel your very best:


Get a beautiful, natural smile that that lights up your face flawlessly

You understand that your smile is necessary and a welcoming, open smile makes everybody around you comfortable, and lets them understand that you are approachable and friendly

Are you somebody who tries to conceal your smile rather than showing it off?

If so, you may be giving individuals the wrong perception regarding yourself. You might appear strict, dissatisfied or unresponsive.

Yet many of us are miserable with our smiles and for people that gain their living via sales or other public contact, having cosmetic concerns with your teeth can have a harmful impact on your success.

For experienced Brisbane cosmetic dental care, Excellence in Dentistry CBD clinic includes the full range of procedures from teeth whitening, correcting misaligned teeth with invisible braces, replacing missing teeth with implants, same day crowns or creating a stunning smiles with porcelain veneers, you can be sure we  offer the right treatment to brighten your smile.

Professionals throughout the city consistently leave fantastic reviews stating Dr. Sally and her team the very best, friendly and knowledgeable cosmetic dental professional in Brisbane  – and their million dollar smiles are a testament to their praise.


Brisbane lady with Beautiful new smil


Patients that have actually ultimately decided to correct that introvert smile are totally thrilled and confident they can finally experience having the ability to laugh at jokes without hiding their full smile.

Cosmetic dental care has actually advanced at an impressive rate over the past few years. Now, it is feasible to have some procedures done in one session, ideal for the most nervous of patients.

Anxious patients need not fret or lose sleep over their upcoming dental treatments. When receiving cosmetic dental care in the Excellence in Dentistry clinic, nervous patients are able to discuss various sedation options, insuring client security and also comfort during treatment.

Your Smile Makeover Procedure

Whether  your smile makeover is as simple as professional teeth whitening, or a series of procedures to change the shape and size of your teeth as well as their color. In a thorough consultation, Brisbane Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Sally can help you to decide which of our procedures is the right choice for you.

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