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What's Really Going On In Your Mouth

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A Brisbane dentist tells you what’s really going on in your mouth.

Does either of those ring a bell? Probably not, but maybe tooth decay and gum disease do. Both of these oral diseases are the cause of approximately 90% of tooth loss in developed countries, according to the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council 2001.

So both of these concerns are common and both lead to tooth loss – now hopefully we have got your attention. As a leading Brisbane dentist Excellence in Dentistry are committed to helping prevent both tooth decay and gum disease before they get to the stage where they cause tooth loss.

As we mentioned before oral disease is the most significant cause of tooth loss in developing countries. Oral disease can also cause a variety of other dental and overall health concerns. Despite this, if identified and treated in the early stages of development, oral disease can be preventable and even reversible.

Due to the fact that oral disease is both preventable and reversible, this in-turn means that tooth loss is preventable and reversible.

While gum disease is highly prevalent among Australians, dental decay is the most commonly occurring dental concern. Dental decay involves the demineralisation of the tooth’s structure. According to the Number 65 Dental Statistics and Research Series from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, dental decay can be influenced by a number of factors including:

  • Frequency of the teeth’s exposure to carbohydrates: these carbohydrates, or in other words sugar, can cause bacteria to produce acids that can dissolve the tooth
  • The amount of plaque already on the tooth: the consistent build-up of plaque (without the plaque being removed) can create a breeding ground for bacteria
  • Frequency of the teeth’s exposure to dietary acids: acidic foods that can attack your tooth’s enamel, in combination with the bacterial acid, can have very damaging effects on the tooth’s structure
  • Lack of exposure to fluoride and other elements that can help to fight the development of dental decay
  • The inadequate production of saliva and other natural preventive elements that fight bacteria

Periodontal or gum disease can be caused by a number of factors. According to the Dental Statistics and Research Series from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare the habits that most influence the development of periodontists include:

  • Poor oral hygiene routine
  • Smoking
  • The effects of some medications
  • Systematic conditions such as diabetes

Are Your Teeth Important to You?

At Excellence in Dentistry, they are important to us too! While a detailed dental hygiene routine, and selecting healthy foods, can help to fight against the development of oral diseases, these efforts must be combined with regular visits to the dentist.

Book Your Appointment

Make Sure you Book your six monthly appointment with Brisbane CBD dentist in Excellence in Dentistry to ensure that you are maintaining excellent dental health. These appointments also give our dental professionals the ability to correct any dental concerns before they progress to an oral disease or even tooth loss in extreme cases.


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