Say Adios to Amalgam!

And say hello to new aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly composite fillings

Amalgam fillings have been used in the dentistry profession for over 150 years. With new research and the advancement of technology it has been said that amalgam fillings, which contain mercury, could be hazardous to the patient’s health. Where there is no concrete evidence, it has been theorised that the act of chewing could cause mercury particles to seep out of the filling and into the bloodstream, which could create numerous health risks.

Safe fillings at Excellence in Dentistry…

If you feel your dark, miscoloured amalgam filling is doing no justice for your aesthetics or would prefer a more environmentally friendly choice, at Excellence in Dentistry in Brisbane we can safely remove amalgam fillings for you. Your individual condition would be assessed, and if your tooth structure is strong enough, we can replace your filling with:

  • A crown; a porcelain ‘cap’ that is bonded over your tooth after any infection is cleaned out. This helps prevent further decay and restores your tooth to perfection.
  • Inlays; similar to a filling, an inlay is a porcelain material that is bonded to the decayed section of the tooth, to prevent further damage and help keep the tooth structure strong.
  • Onlays; the same as inlays, only onlays are bonded to a different part of the tooth.
  • Composite filling; these are environmentally friendly and are a white colour, which helps keep them unseen.

Get the smile you’ve always wanted…

Now you don’t need to hide that smile, with the team from Excellence in Dentistry looking after you, you are in the hands of the best.

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