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Getting Your Amalgam Fillings Removed

Amalgam filling on tooth

At Excellence in Dentistry we offer safe amalgam fillings removal

There is still a lot of debate surrounding amalgam fillings and whether or not they are safe. Some countries (like Sweden) have banned amalgam altogether, while other countries (like America) are still studying the results. A lot of dentists do not use amalgam fillings anymore, not because they are unsafe but because the process is much more involved.

In order to have amalgam fillings, a significant amount of tooth is needed to be drilled away. Add to this the fact that amalgam fillings expand and contract depending on the temperature which has the potential to crack the tooth and cause further problems.

Further problems include needing a crown, unless the crack goes below the gum line in which case the tooth may need to be extracted. There is also the issue of increased sensitivity and the chance that further decay can develop underneath the amalgam filling causing the tooth to rot.

Amalgam Filling Removal at Excellence in Dentistry

As with much of science, the field of dentistry is continually progressing. Now instead of amalgam fillings we have composite white fillings—these fillings are less invasive, stronger and much better for your health and your teeth than amalgam fillings.

Our patients have opted to have their amalgam fillings removed for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is aesthetics—amalgam fillings are silver and stick out when a person smiles, whereas the white composite fillings match the shade of your tooth so no one will notice you’ve got fillings.

The other equally common reason people chose to have their amalgam fillings removed is the possible health risks involved. Amalgam fillings contain mercury and mercury is poisonous—however, while some patients have reported improved health after having their silver fillings removed there are others who have had their amalgam fillings for decades and who report no ill effects.

At Excellence in Dentistry in Brisbane we are saying that the option is entirely up to you. If you are unsure about the condition of your amalgam fillings please feel free to contact us and we can inspect your fillings to figure out the best solution for you.

The Removal of Amalgam Fillings Requires Meticulous Hands

When removing amalgam fillings it needs to be done very carefully because they contain mercury. The protocol in place to remove amalgam fillings is very strict. It involves lots of water, a high volume evacuation, a rubber dam covering the teeth and oxygen which is inhaled throughout the procedure to keep you safe.

Whether you chose to get your amalgam filling removed or not is entirely up to you. As has already been mentioned, some people find that their amalgam fillings make them sick while others feel fine. However, it is also important to remember that it is not just the potential for mercury poisoning that should affect your decision—amalgam fillings are much more cumbersome and hard to look after compared to white fillings. White fillings are also healthier and better for your teeth.

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