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Five Fantastic Tips For Whiter Teeth

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Everyone wants a beautiful, bright smile – and now they can with these easy hints and tips for a whiter smile…

It’s a cosmetic craze that gained traction decades ago, and only continues to gain momentum. In the quest for perfection many turn to tooth whitening in order to beautify their smiles and completely transform their appearance. At Excellence in Dentistry in Brisbane, we understand the need to enhance our smiles and self-esteem, which is why we bring you some great hints and tips to help you maintain a beautiful, white smile!

1. Eat well for beautiful teeth

It’s true – not only are healthy foods such as apples and celery great for your body, they are also great for acting as natural tooth-cleaners! Crunchy and crispy foods such as these have an abrasiveness that help to lift and remove stains from the enamel, and give off an illusion of a brighter smile. The great thing is, these foods effectively brighten your smile without damaging or wearing down your tooth enamel!

2. Don’t forget to floss

Brushing is great for removing stains on the front and back of your teeth – but what about in between your teeth? Staining in these areas can give off just as much as a discoloured appearance, so why are so many neglecting this aspect of oral health? Whether it is forgetfulness or underestimating the power of flossing, at Excellence in Dentistry we strongly recommend flossing at least once daily to keep your smile beautiful.

3. Consume more cheese

We all know calcium is good for strong bones, and the same goes for our smiles! There is a growing body of evidence that a small amount of the dairy product, cheese, after each meal can strengthen the enamel to fight off tooth decay and essentially, staining! Milk and yoghurt are also effective at promoting tooth enamel re-mineralisation.

4. Try chewing some sugar-free gum

Chewing gum effectively stimulates the glands in the mouth that produce saliva, and saliva is the first defence your teeth have against decay. By producing larger levels of saliva, you will be helping your teeth fend off bacteria that cause plaque and discolouration!

5. Visit our Brisbane dental practice for a whitening treatment

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile due to staining, yellowing or discolouration, at Excellence in Dentistry we are able to effectively diagnose the source of your discolouration and recommend the appropriate treatment for you. With in-chair whitening or at-home whitening options, we aspire to help our patients feel comfortable and content with the appearance of their smiles.

Take a Visit to Our Whitening Spa

In just one hour we are able to transform the look of your smile from stained and bland to bright and beautiful! We are able to produce dazzling results that can whiten your smile up to five shades. We will also provide you with custom bleaching trays so you can effectively maintain your new radiant smile at home!

Try to refrain from consuming staining agents to help ensure your new beautiful smile stays bright. Consumables such as tobacco, red wine, cola and chocolate are all major players in staining tooth enamel, and should be avoided.

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