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CEREC® Same-Day Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns: Everything You Need to Know

DI_set2-crown-400If you’re considering getting a dental crown, it’s essential to weigh your options. Traditional crowns have been around for a while and are known for their durability and customisation. Skilled technicians craft them to fit precisely and match your natural teeth.

However, the downside is that it’s a two-step process involving preparation, impressions, temporary crowns, and a second appointment weeks later. This can be time-consuming and somewhat uncomfortable.

Discover the Advanced CEREC® System

On the other hand, there’s the modern alternative – CEREC® same-day crowns. These crowns are all about convenience and speed. Using advanced CAD/CAM technology, our dentist can create a perfect crown in our office in one visit. There is no need for temporary crowns or multiple appointments. It’s precise, efficient, and as durable as traditional crowns, especially when made from materials like zirconia or porcelain.

At our practice, Excellence in Dentistry, we do not charge extra for CEREC same-day crowns. The elimination of multiple appointments and the convenience of same-day treatment often benefits the patients from all aspects.

However, it’s important to note that CEREC may not be the best choice for every situation, so your dentist will evaluate your specific needs before recommending it.

Ultimately, the choice between traditional and CEREC® same-day crowns depends on your individual needs, schedule, and budget. Discussing your options with your dentist will help you make an informed decision and get you one step closer to that perfect smile, possibly in just a few hours!

Make the Best Choice

No matter which option you choose for your restoration, having it done at Excellence in Dentistry is always the best decision. Contact us today to book in.


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