Ceramic Implant Procedure

By “Excellence in Dentistry”

Dr Sally shows a recent ceramic dental implant procedure and how natural the end result looks. Metal-free Zirconium implants are surpassing the traditional titanium options in popularity. This trend toward a more holistic tooth-replacement approach is occurring for a variety of reasons: Metal-free dental implants offer patients the increased benefits that are associated with traditional titanium implants.

Metal-Free Dental Implants Are Quickly Becoming the Implant Fixture of Choice in our Brisbane Dental Clinic

Dr Sally

Our top 7 Benefits of metal-free dental implants in Brisbane

  1. are aesthetically pleasing because they are naturally white as opposed to silver; thus, eliminating concerns related to the potential for a visible silver edge around the prosthesis;
  2. are durable, studies indicate that Zirconium bridges remain stable even after 50 years of use;
  3. have no metal beneath the prosthesis, therefore, using an all-ceramic implant for tooth restoration may provide the patient with a whiter prosthetic than could be accomplished with a titanium implant fixture;
  4. are biocompatible and hypoallergenic;
  5. consist of a naturally-occurring material;
  6. are readily accepted by the surrounding bone;
  7. are made of ceramic, offering a more natural, holistic approach to addressing missing teeth;

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