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Ceramic Implant Procedure

woman being fitted with dentures

Dr Sally shows a recent zirconium ceramic dental implant procedure and how natural the end result looks.

Metal-free Zirconium implants are surpassing the traditional titanium options in popularity.

This trend toward a more holistic tooth-replacement approach is occurring for a variety of reasons: Metal-free dental implants offer patients the increased benefits that are associated with traditional titanium implants.

Metal-Free Teeth Implants Are Quickly Becoming the Implant Fixture of Choice in our Dental Clinic. -Dr Sally

Our top 7 Benefits of metal-free dental implants

There are advantages to having a Zirconia tooth implant, sometimes preferred because it is a naturally white material. A metal-free zirconia implant could also be a healthier choice for your gums because this type of implant material retains less plaque and tartar than titanium.

  1. are aesthetically pleasing because they are naturally white as opposed to silver; thus, eliminating concerns related to the potential for a visible silver edge around the prosthesis;
  2. are durable, studies indicate that Zirconium bridges remain stable even after 50 years of use;
  3. have no metal beneath the prosthesis, therefore, using an all-ceramic implant for tooth restoration may provide the patient with a whiter prosthetic than could be accomplished with a titanium implant fixture;
  4. are biocompatible and hypoallergenic;
  5. consist of a naturally-occurring material;
  6. are readily accepted by the surrounding bone;
  7. are made of ceramic, offering a more natural, holistic approach to addressing missing teeth;


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