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8 Reasons Why You Hate The Dentist

woman scared at dentistDo you have dental phobia? If the answer is yes, you join many people who hate visiting the dentist.

Chances are, many of your fears about the dentist involve needles, drills and dental pain. If this is the case your fear is likely less about your dentist, and more about what happens in your dental appointment.

Don’t worry – there is good news. At Excellence in Dentistry in Wickham Terrace we are committed to getting to the bottom of what scares you about the dentist.

Our team believes that with compassionate and gentle care, we may be able to help you change your tune when it comes to visiting the dentist.

8 reasons you hate the dentist probably include:

1. Anticipation of Dental Pain

Sometimes it is the anticipation that you will experience dental pain which can be the trigger behind what keeps people away from the dentist for so long. Despite this, you should experience very little discomfort when it comes to modern dentistry. The techniques used in modern dentistry have been perfected over centuries to ensure that dentists are using the most efficient techniques to keep you comfortable.
Your teeth are very sensitive and can be the catalyst of your pain, however your dentist should supply you with the correct pain management options to ensure that you experience very little discomfort.

The Excellence in Dentistry difference: At Excellence in Dentistry we are aware that many people are concerned about experiencing dental pain. We work with our patients to help ensure that they are comfortable throughout their procedure with a variety of effective pain management options.

2. The Dental Needle and Drills

Many people hate getting needles, but most of the time it is about the anticipation that the needle will hurt rather than the actual needle. With diligent care and a high level of accuracy, a dental needle should feel like a light prick. The sound and vibration of dental drills can also cause anxiety in patients.

The Excellence in Dentistry difference: Our team is dedicated to gentle care and we have a number of steps that our team takes to alleviate your concern about dental needles and dental drills. We also have different tactics to help take your mind off the needle. The equipment we have at our Wickham Terrace practice is state-of-the-art, meaning that you don’t need to be afraid of old bulky drills or large needles.

3. Anxiety About The Results

Have you ever spent time worrying about a tooth ache? Have you ever wondered how serious it may be? Or have you pictured yourself with a toothless grin? Don’t worry; many patients anticipate the worst from their check-up.

The Excellence in Dentistry difference: Our dentists are aware that you might be nervous about your check-up so we strive to go above and beyond to keep you relaxed. We also encourage six monthly check-ups to help ensure that you don’t develop cavities or decay.

4. The Smells, Textures and Sounds

The smell of medical antiseptic can make people feel uncomfortable when visiting the dentist, in addition to the textures of the equipment used to clean your teeth and the different sounds.

The Excellence in Dentistry difference: We strive to make patients feel comfortable from their first step into our practice. Our new purpose built dental practice has the style and sophistication of a modern practice with warmth, character and a family feel.

When you first enter our clinic, you’ll experience a relaxed and inviting atmosphere like no other. You can sit back, relax and watch television or read a magazine while enjoying a freshly made herbal tea or espresso coffee before your appointment. You can also lie back while you enjoy looking at the nature inspired walls during your appointment.

5. The Invasive Element of Being Out of Control

Laying back and not being able to see what is going on while you are in the dental chair can be intimidating for many of our patients.

The Excellence in Dentistry difference: Our dental professionals will walk you through your treatment as it is happening, so that you know what’s going on even if you can’t see it. By keeping you informed through every step of the way we can prevent any unwelcomed surprises and hopefully ease some of your anxiety.

6. Receiving a Lecture or Negative Feedback From Your Dentist

Many people are nervous about visiting the dentist because they are concerned they will receive a lecture or be blamed if they do have a number of cavities or dental concerns.

The Excellence in Dentistry difference: We practice blame-free dentistry. Our dental professionals make it our priority to never pass a judgement about a patient’s dental health. Our main priority is to keep your teeth healthy and to make you feel comfortable.

7. The Cost of Treatment

Some patients are concerned about the cost of their dental treatment and are worried that dental treatment will be performed before the cost is discussed.

The Excellence in Dentistry difference: We will not perform any dental treatment without walking you through all the potential costs involved. While an investment in your teeth is an investment in your overall health, we work with our patients to suggest a treatment plan that suits their lifestyle and budget.

8. Bad or Neglectful Service

On top of dental anxiety, many people can be concerned about the way they will be treated when they visit the dentist. What you want to avoid is just being another set of teeth.

The Excellence in Dentistry difference: We believe that excellent dental care begins and finishes with excellent service. Our friendly dentists strive to make your dental visit a pleasant one so you don’t have to dread going to the dentist. We pair our skilled technical care with friendly and warm service because we genuinely care about each and every one of our patients.

Dentistry With a Difference

Our dentists also regularly attend courses and seminars to constantly learn new ways to improve upon how we treat you and to keep our service at the highest standard. If you are feeling nervous about visiting the dentist, please contact our friendly team or even come in and visit us at our Wickham Terrace practice today to see for yourself our warm and inviting practice.

Visit Excellence in Dentistry today and have a chat about our dental treatment for anxious patients – We look forward to meeting you.

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