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What Are Dental Implants And How Are They Fitted?

smiling young man in beanyTypically it is a titanium implant or ceramic implant used to replace missing teeth. They can replace one single missing tooth or multiple teeth or full jaw restoration. A screw shape post is placed into the jawbone and is used as a fake tooth root for crown or bridge restorations.

At Excellence in Dentistry Brisbane we offer both titanium and ceramic teeth options.

What is the procedure to install a tooth implant?

A comprehensive examination is needed from the inside of the mouth to decide on the site of the implant, how many implants are needed, if the site is suitable for implant placement and etc.

A scan of the site is done to decide on the amount of bone available and checking the nerves and other important features in the area. Also, patient’s general health and habits such as smoking or presence of para-function like grinding and clenching need to be considered. Then on the day of the surgery, a part of the gum is pushed back and the site of the implant is prepared with different size drills and then the implant is screwed in. After that, the flap of gum will be placed back and the site is left to heal. Once the implant fuses to the bone usually after a waiting period of 2 to 6 months a restoration is placed on top.

What are teeth implants made of?

Dental implants are made of Titanium or Ceramic. Most people are ok with Titanium implants though people who are allergic to metals or do not like to have metal work in their mouth choose Ceramic implants. Both type of implants show very good outcome and fuse perfectly to the bone.

Will my insurance pay for this procedure?

Yes if you have general dental cover you’ll be getting some of the amount you pay, back. Also, if you are covered for major dental treatment then you will be getting even more back.

What Are Dental Implants For Dentures?

Implants are life savers when used for people who have constant issues with their full dentures. So many people suffer from loose dentures particularly in the lower jaw due to limited bone and the pressure of the tongue. By placing a couple implants in the lower jaw bone and clipping the denture on it, patients can eat normally and chew on hard food with no issues. Also, some people have sensitive gag reflex and cannot tolerate a full upper denture as it covers the palate and a lot of people with upper full dentures complaint that they cannot taste the food properly. By placing few implants in the upper jaw bone, we can eliminate the palatal coverage of the denture and make it a horse shoe shape which help people to be able to wear their top dentures and also enjoy their food.

Why you should consider a Ceramic tooth implant?

Ceramic implants are an ideal alternative for Titanium implants. They are %100 bio-compatible, strong and aesthetically perfect thanks to their ivory-colour. There are a lot of reasons people may prefer ceramic implants to titanium like allergy, metal-free option and aesthetic.

Where To Get Ceramic Dental Implants In Brisbane?

You need to see your dentist for a consultation first and they will tell you if you are a good candidate for implants. Sometimes your general dentist can place the implant for you and sometimes they will refer you a specialist to get them done.


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