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Invisible Braces Allow For A Quick Fix

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Social 6 Invisible Braces Are A Great Way To Get Straight Teeth

In the digital age, it is very much about how a person looks. With social media and constant media coverage there is no escape from photos and image-conscious brands. Studies performed at the beginning of the year showed that there were certain public-relations jobs that took into account job applicants’ smiles. The research went on to say that a healthy, white smile could be more effective than an expensive well-tailored suit. In fact, a healthy white smile could actually make up for the applicant wearing an average suit.

In the dating world, a survey of singles between 19 and 35 found that (for the women surveyed) 70% said that a healthy smile was important when they were looking to date—this is compared to only about 32% of males who said that a girl’s healthy smile was important. A behavioural scientist said that it made sense women were more interested because a healthy smile was an indication of a man’s lifestyle

Straightening Your Teeth Invisibly

Here at Excellence in Dentistry in Brisbane we know that aesthetics do matter. However, we also encourage that straightening your teeth is about more than just looking good, it is also healthier for your teeth. One of the benefits of the Social 6 Invisible Braces is that instead of the traditional treatment time, which can be anywhere from 18 to 24 months, it only takes around 4 to 6 months.

The Social 6 Invisible Braces system consists of 6 small brackets glued to the inside of your teeth—this is what makes the social 6 braces invisible. Along with the 6 small brackets there are one or two orthodontic wires which are used to align and move your teeth.

Benefits of Social 6 Clear Braces

As opposed to traditional braces which can take upwards of two years, are uncomfortable and make it difficult to maintain oral hygiene, the Social 6 Invisible Braces are relatively faster, more comfortable and easier to maintain your oral health.

Quality – These braces provide optimal results for minor to moderate front teeth crowding or spacing.

Speed – Because of the way this Social 6 Invisible Braces are designed the treatment time is accelerated and the majority of cases are finished in 6 months

Comfort – The Social 6 Invisible Braces have been clinically proven to reduce interference with the tongue and therefore minimise speech issues. This is made possible because the brackets feature a 1.5mm profile as well as rounded contours.

Simplicity – With the Social 6 Invisible Braces the simple two-wire sequence quickly unravels and aligns teeth.

The Social 6 Invisible Braces are a quick, effective and comfortable way to straighten your teeth without anyone noticing that you are having treatment done. At Excellence in Dentistry in Brisbane our professional team of friendly dentists aim to give all our patients the best care possible. We work with each patient closely on customising a treatment plan that suits your needs and your budget.


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