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White Teeth And Your Health

woman showing smile on dental chairWhat do you associate with great health?

When you meet someone what is it about them that makes you decide that they are healthy or even attractive? What are the stand-out features that you notice straight away?

Is it clean shiny hair, clear skin, or even a big smile?

At Excellence in Dentistry in Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, we are interested in what makes for a healthy appearance. While some studies suggest that a white smile can indicate better health, our dental professionals know that white teeth do not always correlate with excellent dental health.

We make it a priority to help patients achieve whiter and brighter smiles through the use of effective teeth whitening treatments, always partnered with stringent dental care. Our aim is not just to help enhance the appearance of our patient’s smiles; it is also our goal to instigate healthy habits that can help keep smiles bright.

The Facts Behind A Pearly White Smile

There is no real question when it comes to the effect white teeth can have on a smile, they have the potential to dramatically enhance all smiles, even those with crooked teeth. White teeth can give a person a healthy glow that some can assume as a sign of sound dental and overall wellbeing.

Despite this, white teeth can be deceptive. Bright teeth do not necessarily mean that your teeth themselves, your gum or any of your other oral functions are healthy. The best way to achieve sound dental health is by seeing our dental professionals every six months for a general dental check-up. In doing so, you can also preserve the results of your whitening treatment, making this cosmetic dental treatment mutually beneficial to your dental health and your appearance.

The Whitening Process

Having your teeth whitened by a professional is the safest and most effective way of whitening your smile. The logic behind this is that a dentist is a qualified medical practitioner who specialises in looking at patients’ oral health and performing treatments that are best suited to the patient. When you visit Excellence in Dentistry, one of our skilled and friendly dentists will assess your smile and determine what the best course of action is.

Furthermore, throughout the procedure you will be monitored by a dental professional who has all the skills to improve the appearance of your smile without impacting the health of your teeth. We can also provide you with an at-home whiting kit if that would be better suited to your smile and your lifestyle.

Maintaining Your Results After Treatment

Adopting a commitment to maintaining a sound oral hygiene routine is arguably your best chance to maintain the results of your whitening treatment. Maintaining a healthy diet a keystone practice for maintaining excellent oral and overall health. Additionally, attending your six monthly dental check-up appointments can help to eliminate any hidden concerns.

Avoiding dark staining foods or at least limiting your consumption of these foods or liquids can also help you maintain the results achieved in your teeth whitening treatment.

If you’re passionate about improving the appearance of your smile, book your teeth whitening consultation with Brisbane’s Excellence in Dentistry today.

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