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Restore Your Smile & Confidence With Our Comfortable Denture Options

happy woman dental checkupIf you’ve lost teeth due to trauma, decay or disease, you may hesitate to smile. You also may feel a loss of self-esteem and be unable to enjoy your favourite foods. Fortunately, dentures can restore your smile and allow you to regain priceless confidence. At Excellence in Dentistry, we offer these time-tested teeth replacement options, including Valpast®.

What Are They?

Valplast dentures are partial ones that have a flexible nylon base. These lightweight and comfortable tooth replacement options blend seamlessly with your natural gums, making them almost indiscernible. The material used, thermoplastic nylon, has been in use for over 50 years and is bio-compatible.

Advantages for You

There are several benefits of choosing this tooth replacement option:

Cosmetically Attractive: The dentures do not have visible metal clasps, ensuring a more natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Metal-Free: Unlike traditional dentures, Valplast tooth replacements are completely metal-free, making them a safe and comfortable option for patients.

Non-Invasive: The clinical procedure for getting these appliances is non-invasive, meaning minimal discomfort during the fitting process.

Cost-Effective: Valplast appliances are a cost-effective solution compared to other alternatives.

Unbreakable Without Bulkiness: These tooth replacement options are unbreakable without compromising their slim and lightweight design.

Comfortable Fit: These tooth replacement options are designed to fit comfortably, providing a secure and natural feel.

Blends With Your Natural Teeth: These appliances seamlessly blend with your natural teeth, creating a seamless smile.

Types of Dentures Available at Excellence in Dentistry


Partial dentures complete the spaces left by lost or missing teeth. They are attached to your natural teeth and are an ideal option for patients who have lost one, two, or a few of their natural teeth.

Implant-Retained (Snap-in)

Unlike traditional dentures, which are held in place with either suction or some kind of glue, snap-in (or click-on) dental appliances rest on the gums but stay in place firmly by getting retention from implants.

Temporary Full

These are used whilst patients are waiting for their All-On-4 implant-retained dentures; however, these aren’t the same as the complete dentures that a prosthetist would produce as a more permanent solution.

Ready to Learn More?

Take that first step towards restoring your smile by scheduling an examination and consultation. Let’s find the perfect solution for your dental needs!


Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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