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Invisalign Examination From Our Brisbane City Dental Practice

Woman listening to dental assistantSo if you have ever asked the following questions:

How is invisalign done?

Is Invisalign Treatment Right For Me?

Today we’re going to go and do some scans of one of our beautiful patients’ teeth, who decided to get Invisalign treatment would be perfect to straighten her teeth.

Here is How We Carry Out the Exam

So first we put a lip retractor in the mouth, which is basically a piece of plastic that pushes the lips out of the way. Then we go all around the mouth with our intraoral camera to get some images of your teeth and the bite. After finalising the scans we make sure everything’s done properly and all of the images and the scans are going to be uploaded to Invisalign website.

Typically the assessment process for Invisalign is:

  1. You get your consultation done and we examine your teeth to make sure you’re a good candidate for Invisalign treatment
  2. Then another session you come back here and we scan your teeth with an intraoral camera, so it’s basically a small camera that we’re going to put it in your mouth, go all around the mouth, and get some images of your teeth. (Watch video)
  3. Then we’re going to send those images to Invisalign lab and we’re going to arrange a treatment plan for you called a ClinCheck. This session is very, very easy and straightforward, definitely no pain involved at all.

We’re going to get some photos of your face and your teeth, and then we’re going to scan your teeth. We’re going to send your scans to Invisalign laboratory and we’re going to arrange a treatment plan with them, which is called a ClinCheck. The images of how your teeth are going to be looking after the treatment is called a ClinCheck, and I’ll show you one of them later when we receive Nicole’s treatment.


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