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Advantages Of Zirconium Implants

Advantages Of Ceramic Dental Implants

young woman fun smileToday, there’s a growing number of people who have allergies, skin sensitivities and compromised immune systems, therefore patients increasingly ask for safer, less invasive solutions, as well as metal-free alternatives for teeth repair or replacement. Excellence in Dentistry offer ceramic teeth implants for Brisbane patients.

Zirconia is a biocompatible, ceramic material that adopts complete integration into jaw bone. Zirconia is the crystal form of the transitional metal Zirconium and is best known for its likeness to diamonds. When the zirconium is treated, stabilized and converted into its crystal phase, it becomes a ceramic. Zirconia is well known for its durability and inflexibility under pressure which are excellent combination of characters for dental devices. With a compatibility rate of 98 per cent for more recent models, ceramic implants are increasingly matching the standards set by titanium implants and have thereby become a more viable option.

Titanium vs Ceramic Implants
Ceramic implants procedure today, in my experience and for many fellow ceramic implantologists, have the same success rate as titanium implants. They are now as versatile as metal implants thanks to the evolution in design, surface enhancement protocols and biomaterial improvements”, says Dr Sammy Noumbisssi, President of the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology (IAOCI), an association entirely dedicated to ceramic alternatives of metal-based implants.

He concludes, “The future of ceramic implants is really bright for many reasons. Dental attitudes and understanding of zirconia and bio ceramics are slowly but steadily evolving, with a definite shift toward biological and inert materials. There has also been a shift in the health care industry towards wellness and well being and providing therapies that have little to no side effects.”


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