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3D Printing In-House at Excellence in Dentistry

Asiga 3D printerIf you have required such treatment in the last 30 years, it is likely your dentist used plaster in a tray to make a physical moulds of your teeth For patients with a strong gag reflex or general dental anxieties, this procedure could end up being traumatic!

At Excellence in Dentistry, our Brisbane dental team fully believes that it is absolutely crucial that we keep up-to-date on the latest technologies available so that we can best serve our patients. We continue to invest in the right equipment so that we can significantly improve our patients’ oral health.

An eagerly awaited addition to our Brisbane dental clinic is the purchase of an Asiga 3D printer. Asiga 3D printers are proven as best-in-class for digital dentistry and offer the highest accuracy of any commercial 3D printer.

The new technology means, quick accurate moulds can now be scanned and printed in-house.

Excellence in Dentistry Now Offers Best In Class 3D Printing

Benefits of Dental 3 Printer include:

Some of the key ways in which this latest technology is much better than casting traditional dental impressions includes:

  • Improved experience and very comfortable for our patients.
  • Perfect for customers with sensitive gag reflex
  • Perfect for customers with dental anxieties
  • Improved waiting times as our nurses no longer need to manually por and trim as with traditional impressions.

Is the technology accurate?

No matter how skillful & time-saving the dental laboratory team is, there will always be a room for human error. With 3D printing technology, you can rest assured that your prosthesis will be prepared exactly according to the desired dimension. This means that not only the 3D printed prostheses will have precise dimensions.

Finally, patients will generally experience increased comfort and less time spent at the dentist when using products produced by 3D printers. Devices that fit the mouth more accurate, too, and lead to less pain and better outcomes in treatment. The benefits of 3D printing precision are here to stay.

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The trusted Brisbane dentists and staff at Excellence in Dentistry are dedicated to providing the best in customer care and services. And with state-of-the-art dental tools such as the KaVo CBCT machine in house, we are able to give the most accurate diagnoses and reliable treatment options to ensure our patient’s oral health is amazing.


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