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Booking Online With Excellence In Dentistry

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As part of our continued expansion and improvements for the benefits of our patients, we are please to announce that we have added online booking option to our Brisbane dental practice website. We understand everyone is busy and may not have the time to spend it on the phone solely to find and book a convenient appointment for their dental needs.

The Benefits of Online Booking With Excellence in Dentistry

1. 24/7 Convenience & Improved Customer Service

The main advantage is of course, you can book online 24.7, allows patients to book their appointments out of office hours.

How many times have you been waiting on the phone, only to be asked to wait whilst our lovely receptionist deal with customers? With our online booking system in place, there is no need to wait. I addition the volume of phone calls reduces dramatically, resulting in our dental surgery staff can more time talking to you — the patient in the waiting room—and less time fielding phone calls.

If you find yourself with a blinding toothache at 10pm, usually you can’t book an appointment until business hours the next day. Not only is this inconvenient, but should you work in a job that doesn’t allow personal phone calls .

The 24-hour online booking system allows a discreetness and convenience that just cannot be rivalled by the traditional in office hours.

2. Peace of Mind

If you have ever suffered with toothache out of hours, you will understand, knowing you have an appointment first thing the next morning, when you have pain inflicted from toothache late in the evening etc, certainly allows for peace of mind knowing treatment is scheduled the next day.

3. Speed and Efficiency

Excellence in Dentistry continues to strive to ensure our patients experience is the best it can be and online booking not only makes appointment setting more efficient, changes to appointments can be made online quickly as well.

Convenient, Fast and Secure

You can still email or call us, however if you need to want to make a appointment, why not try our online booking system using the link below.


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