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Do you dream of perfect teeth that will keep you smiling all day long?

Ask us about your invisible braces Brisbane options – a truly unobtrusive way to correct your teeth

Have you always hated that one crooked front tooth which pops out when you smile? Or those annoying overlapping teeth which seem to be getting worse with time? If that’s the case and you don’t feel there’s any issues with your back teeth and you don’t want to go through complete Orthodontic treatment, then Social or Lingual braces are the best option for you.

Excellence In Dentistry are a leading Brisbane dentist that offer Social  or Lingual braces which are a discreet, efficient and speedy alternative to normal braces for fixing “out of line” front teeth.

The STB social 6-8 represents an excellent alternative to traditional braces that delivers outstanding results. Also, the treatment time is typically only 4 to 6 months.

The social 6-8 system includes six or 8 tiny braces that are glued to the inside of your teeth, making them absolutely invisible. They also use one or two orthodontic wires to move and align teeth.

Benefits of the social 6 invisible braces

The social 6 system has a number of benefits if you are looking for a fast way to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Some of the benefits of the social 6 system are:


Most minor to moderate front teeth crowding or spacing are treatable with maximum control and no compliance issues. Best of all the treatment will provide optimal results.


Thanks to the brilliant design of the brackets, treatment time is accelerated. In most cases treatment is finished in 4 to 6 months.


Brackets feature a 1.5mm profile and rounded contours that are clinically proven to reduce interference with the tongue and minimise speech issues.


You can eat, drink and play sports without worrying about affecting your braces.


The social 6 system is simply a two-wire sequence that quickly unravels and aligns teeth. However, most cases only require one wire.

The Social 6 System

Without the compliance issues of aligner treatments, the STB social 6 system provides an aesthetic and comfortable treatment that can effectively straighten your smile.

What are the best Invisible Braces Options Brisbane

When you visit Excellence In Dentistry in the Brisbane CBD, we will discuss your options with you and determine what would be the best course of action for your smile. If you are looking for a discreet way to straighten the front 6 upper or lower teeth quickly and efficiently, then the social 6 system is right for you.

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