Valplast – an aesthetic solution for denture wearers!

Do your dentures make you feel too embarrassed to show of your smile?

Are you sick of the metal wires, hooks and clips that are visible with partial dentures? Valplast could be the solution to your tooth-replacement problems.

Naturally invisible

The team at Excellence in Dentistry understand how important it is to feel confident, and are offering a simple and elegant solution to the metal dentures of old. Valplast partial dentures eliminate metal components and are made of a translucent nylon resin, which ensures that your natural gum colour is visible through them. This allows for an incredibly natural look and makes the dentures almost impossible to detect. The nylon resin used to make the partial is also fully flexible, making it able to adapt to the natural movement of your mouth.

Perfectly tailored to you

Valplast partial dentures are custom fabricated in a dental factory according to your unique prescription, which ensures a perfectly comfortable fit. They are also completely adjustable; they can be easily relined and teeth can be added according to your dental requirements. The fitting process is simple and completely non-invasive, because the natural teeth do not need to be altered in any way to accommodate the partials.

Build your perfect smile with Valplast

Valplast dentures are a clean, long lasting and more affordable smile-building option than implants or dental bridges, and are completely unbreakable (they come with a lifetime guarantee!).

To find out more about Valplast partial dentures or to book an appointment at the Excellence in Dentistry practice in Brisbane, please contact us.

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