Straighten your teeth in a fraction of the time

Thanks to the innovation of Social 6 Clear Braces you can now have straight teeth in just 6 months

There are plenty of options out there for braces. An example of this is traditional metal braces; traditional metal braces are worn for up to three years and then a retainer is worn for a further year after the braces are removed.

Traditional metal braces require constantly going to the dentist to have wires tightened which can cause headaches and difficulties eating and speaking.

But braces are important. Even if they start off by being unpleasant and painful, they may be necessary.

It seems that the main problem with braces is a mostly aesthetic one. Braces are still considered unattractive despite actors like Tom Cruise and America Ferrera (star of Ugly Betty) apparently making them acceptable.

When one thinks about it, there’s nothing wrong with wearing braces, the alternative is not one that anyone would want—without braces many people would have terrible oral health. And it has been scientifically proven that poor oral health can lead to a wide range of other illness such as diabetes, stroke, cancer and even heart attacks. These have been linked for two reasons: bacteria and inflammation in the mouth travelling through to the rest of the body wreaking havoc.

At Excellence in Dentistry located in Brisbane we offer Social 6 Clear Braces that are a quick and quality alternative to traditional braces…

Invisible braces…

Social 6 Clear Braces are an invisible option to help straighten teeth or even a single out of line tooth that annoys you. Social 6 Clear Braces deliver outstanding results with treatment time typically ranging from 4 to 6 months.
What’s involved?

Social 6 Clear Braces consist of 6 tiny brackets which are glued to the inside of your teeth. This is what makes them invisible—one or two orthodontic wires are used to move and align the teeth: but this will depend on the amount of treatment you need.

Length of treatment…

Social 6 Clear Braces are the fastest braces around. Generally speaking they take 4 months with short visits every couple of weeks. This of course depends on the health of your teeth, for extreme cases it may take up to six months.

Benefits of the Social 6 Clear Braces…

The Social 6 Clear Braces are so efficient due to the brilliant bracket design and feature 1.5mm profile and rounded contours that are clinically proven to reduce interference with tongue and minimise speech issues.

Another benefit of the Social 6 Clear Braces offer at Excellence in Dentistry is simplicity. This simplicity lies in the fact that only two wire sequences are required. These quickly unravel and aid in the alignment of your teeth. However, in many cases one only wire is needed.

At Excellency in Dentistry located in Brisbane our patients are important to us. You are not just another mouth to us, but a person who requires all the attention they deserve. We are a mercury free dentistry who offers sedation dentistry for nervous patients. Our dedicated professional dentists aim to provide the best quality dentistry along with utmost care to all our patients.

To discover more about our Social 6 Clear Braces, or to book an appointment at our Brisbane dental clinic, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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