Smilefast Braces

Available at our Brisbane Dentist The quickest, most affordable and discreet way for adults to straighten their teeth?

It is never too late to get the smile of your dreams. Smilefast ceramic braces could provide you with beautifully straight teeth without the hassle of chunky metal brackets, that too in a shorter period of time. Treatment is fast, effective and affordable, with your teeth showing transformation in just six to nine months, compared with conventional braces where treatment can take up to three years.


  • What is Smilefast?
    • Who Can Have Smilefast?
    • What to Expect During Treatment
    • How it works
    • What is the Process?
    • What to expect after treatment
    • Where to get Smilefast Braces in Brisbane
    • What is Smilefast?

      An orthodontic treatment option without the hassle of traditional metal brackets

      Smilefast is a short-term, cosmetically oriented fixed brace system based on sound orthodontic principles producing proven and predictable results. It is specifically designed for adults. Computer-aided simulation and digital direct bonding allow your dentist to precisely attach clear brackets and to configure the tooth-coloured wires, without the trials and with fewer adjustments required by traditional braces. Once fitted, Smilefast will achieve similar cosmetic results as traditional braces in a matter of months. The clear brackets will not discolour during treatment, so your braces should remain as unobtrusive as the day they are fitted. Treatment is precise, fast and discreet.

      An orthodontic treatment option without the hassle of traditional metal brackets

      Who Can Have Smilefast?

      This orthodontic system is suitable for most adults looking to improve the appearance of their teeth in a highly accessible and affordable manner. Smilefast can treat dental issues like overcrowded or incorrectly spaced teeth, proclined teeth and correct an overbite or underbite. It isn’t designed to correct extensive bite problems.t.

      How Does It Work?

      On your first appointment, we will take photos and digitally scan your teeth- Using the3D images from the scan, your dentist will be able to precisely plan the movement of each tooth during your treatment, so the final results are very accurate. These images are used to create a treatment plan which is used by Smilefast to create specialized, custom-fitted impression trays to fit over your teeth. These trays position each bracket during fitting, ensuring every bracket is positioned exactly where it is needed to create your straighter smile. These impression trays and digital indirect bonding will ensure that the dentist will precisely fit the brackets onto your teeth. With an extremely easy and precise fitting, you will be smiling in no time!

      What to Expect During Treatment

      In the first couple of days after fitting, some people might feel a slight discomfort as their teeth are a little more sensitive than usual, but these feelings should quickly subside. Slight discomfort is perfectly normal for all orthodontic treatments until the teeth become accustomed to the sensation of wearing braces. During your treatment, we will need to visit your dentist approximately once a month so they can check your progress, but these appointments should be quite quick.

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      What to expect after your Braces are removed?

      You will be able to enjoy your beautiful straighter new smile after your brackets are removed. To ensure that your teeth stay firmly in place you will need to be prescribed to wear retainers. With smilefast you can get a removable clear plastic retainer to wear over your upper teeth and our dentist will tell you how frequently this needs to be worn. Lower teeth can be retained using a very thin wire that is attached to the inner surfaces of these teeth. These will remain permanently in place, so it is not a hassle for you.

      To find out if Smilefast is the solution for you, please contact Excellence in Dentistry to book your consultation. You could be well on your way to enjoying a straighter smile in a very short time.

      The Smilefast Process

      Smilefast combines innovative orthodontic techniques with the latest 3D computer imaging to identify the ideal bracket positioning on your teeth for a fast and predictable outcome. Smilefast uses Indirect bonding for placing brackets on your teeth that allow your dentist to place each and every bracket in exactly the precise position, every time. This digital precision is what makes Smilefast the unique option to deliver the accurate and best possible outcome, fast treatment and a minimal need to adjust bracket positions, at an affordable price.

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      1. To see how your teeth are positioned right now, we take a scan of your teeth and upload it into the Smilefast portal. We can then formulate your treatment plan and bracket placement accordingly.
      2. The scans will show where your teeth are positioned right now and the treatment plan shows us where they will end up. Bracket placement is very important in a fast and beautiful smile, and we work out the best position digitally after which specialized custom trays are used to place them.
      3. With your brackets and wire in place, your teeth will move efficiently into the correct position. With Smilefast’s digital accuracy your treatment time will be shorter and more comfortable in comparison to other orthodontic treatment.
      4. .With Smilefast , you can achieve a cosmetically aligned and improved smile, within 6-12 months. As Smilefast technology can be accessed from your local dentist, the treatment is more affordable. You can always feel comfortable with your dentist having an experienced orthodontist overlooking your case.

      What makes Smilefast the quickest, most affordable and discreet way for adults to straighten their teeth?

      Clear Brackets-Smilefast uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wire making them less noticeable than traditional metal brackets and wires. This means you can be comfortable at work, in the home, and at social occasions, knowing that your braces won’t attract attention.

      Precise placement-With Smilefast technology, there is a straightforward and accurate placement of brackets at your local dentist and you should be in and out of the dental chair in approximately less than 90minutes!

      Affordable-, Smilefast treatment means fewer appointments and a more affordable price point, with an efficient approach to teeth straightening based out of your local dentist.

      Faster & Smarter- Smilefast treatment has been developed to be as quick as possible.
      We understand that wearing braces and being at work, out socially and doing everyday activities can be a challenge. With a few simple steps with Smilefast treatment, you can overcome such a situation or excuse.

      The clear brackets and wires will allow you to go pretty much unnoticed during treatment and treatment is only going to take between 6-12 months!

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      Have an idea of how your next 6-12 months look

      If you travel a lot or have hectic work schedules, no need to worry. Like all orthodontic treatment, you will need to come in for regular 4-6 week check-ups during treatment. They aren’t long appointments, but it’s important to not miss one.

      Adopting a brace friendly diet. When it comes to braces and food, a few small adjustments now will make it easier when you start Smilefast. think soft and small. You don’t have to change your diet completely, but make sure that after you have an adjustment appointment, you eat something soft (yes, ice cream counts!).

      A thorough dental check up is mandatory before treatment. All Smilefast providers are also excellent dentists and will make sure that your teeth are in excellent condition prior to starting Smilefast, that’ll give you the best results in the fastest amount of time.

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