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Invisible Braces Allow for a Quick Fix

Social 6 Invisible Braces are a great way to get straight teeth In the digital age, it is very much about how a person looks. With social media and constant media coverage there is no escape from photos and image-conscious brands. Studies performed at the beginning of the year showed…

Excellence in Dentistry is now offering Ceramic Dental Implants

Excellence in Dentistry is now offering Ceramic Dental Implants

What is it to lose a tooth? There’s more to losing a tooth than the obvious gap in your smile. A lost tooth affects your jaw and your remaining teeth. When you lose a tooth, the section of your jaw that ‘holds’ the tooth root in place starts to atrophy.…

We’re giving back to our community with our own Dental Rescue Day!

We’re volunteering our practice for the National Dental Foundation’s Dental Rescue Day initiative, so we can help our community in the best way we can. At Excellence in Dentistry, we have long maintained that no one is ‘just another mouth,' a big part of who we are is based on the…

How your general health affects your teeth

healthy body healthy teeth

It’s well known that you need to brush and floss your teeth daily and visit the dentist every six months to keep your teeth healthy, but did you know your own general health can also affect the health of your teeth? Achieving and maintaining healthy teeth and gums involves multi-faceted…

How to whiten your teeth

How to make your teeth white Did you know that some teeth whitening procedures can leave you with unwanted side effects? Well, if you’re considering teeth whitening treatment it’s time to listen up. Teeth whitening is the process of using hydrogen peroxide to bleach the outer layer of the tooth,…

What’s the fuss with Invisalign?

Invisalign Provider Brisbane  What is Invisalign? Invisalign is an advanced orthodontic treatment that consists of using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that have been individually manufactured for your teeth. Little by little and week by week your teeth will be straightened into the position you desire. An impression…

Explaining TMJ disorders

Are you confused about what a TMJ disorder is? If you answered yes, then you have that in common with many of our patients. Most people do not know what TMJ disorder (TMD) is, even if they are suffering the symptoms. The truth is that the symptoms of a TMJ…

White teeth and your health

What do you associate with great health? When you meet someone what is it about them that makes you decide that they are healthy or even attractive? What are the stand-out features that you notice straight away? Is it clean shiny hair, clear skin, or even a big smile? At…

Implant Dentistry, a cigarette and your favourite foods

Missing a tooth? Looking for treatment but aren’t sure what your options are? Having a missing tooth seldom ever sends people rushing off to the dentist looking for treatment. They shrug it off and get on with things, leaving their oral health to slowly debilitate. As with any untreated problem—and…

How to Keep Your Smile Beautiful After Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Your smile is the very first thing others notice about you, so if you have just had your teeth whitened you may want to know how to keep them looking their best! So you’ve had your teeth whitened? This will create an immediate effect on the appearance of y our…

How frequently do you think about the health of your jaw?

It’s something we often take for granted and rarely think about, but the health of your jaw is important… How often do you think about your jaw? Often when people’s teeth hurt, they associate the problem with their teeth. But what if the problem is due to a misaligned bite?…

Why it is good for your health to have amalgam fillings removed

Despite the many naysayers, it is actually beneficial for your health to remove amalgam fillings There are those in the dental community who still believe that the risks associated with amalgam fillings are negligible. While there is still debate as to the effects of amalgam fillings, at Excellence in dentistry…

Three ways to keep your dental implants longer

If you have received dental implants as a solution to your tooth loss ensure you get the best results by taking care of them! If you have lost one or more teeth and would like a permanent solution to your tooth loss, dental implants may be for you! By utilising…

Say Adios to Amalgam!

And say hello to new aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly composite fillings Amalgam fillings have been used in the dentistry profession for over 150 years. With new research and the advancement of technology it has been said that amalgam fillings, which contain mercury, could be hazardous to the patient’s health. Where…

Valplast – an aesthetic solution for denture wearers!

Do your dentures make you feel too embarrassed to show of your smile? Are you sick of the metal wires, hooks and clips that are visible with partial dentures? Valplast could be the solution to your tooth-replacement problems. Naturally invisible The team at Excellence in Dentistry understand how important it…

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