5 Ways Our Invisible Braces Beat Traditional Braces

Do you want to straighten your smile but are hesitant to because you are afraid you will need to have conventional metal braces? At Excellence in Dentistry we have your answer…

When many Australians think of braces, they automatically imagine those ‘old-school’ conventional ‘train-track’ braces that are not only very obvious but can also be difficult to adjust to. At Excellence in Dentistry in Brisbane, we are dedicated to bringing our patients the very best treatments and focus on:

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Convenience
  • Budget

To bring you the very best in orthodontic care. If you or your child require orthodontic treatment to better straighten your teeth, at Excellence in Dentistry we may have your solution!

Have you heard of our invisible braces? We use an advanced system that is much more discreet than traditional braces…

Want to straighten your smile without obvious metal braces? We may have your answer!  Social 6 is an advanced system that delivers superior results and can be a great alternative to traditional braces for the following reasons:

  1. Treatment time is accelerated from around 12 months with traditional braces to just 4-6 months!
  2. Treatment with Social 6 is virtually invisible for a more discreet option to straightening your smile.
  3. The brackets used in Social 6 are just 1.5mm in width and have rounded contours – they are clinically proven to reduce interference and discomfort while worn!
  4. The quality of the treatment is superior as it allows maximum control without the need for ‘compliance’ so you or your child can get the best from your treatment!
  5. The Social 6 system requires just 2 wires that aligns teeth fast and effectively, and with most cases patients only require the one wire!

How does the Social 6 system work?

This system uses advanced techniques where the 6 tiny brackets are glued to the inner side of your teeth – this makes them virtually invisible! One or in some cases two wires are attached to these brackets to exert pressure on the teeth to move them to their correct alignment. Generally only one wire is necessary for this treatment however depending on the complexity of your case you may require two wires. The best thing is treatment time takes just 4-6 months so you can benefit from your new straight smile much faster than you would with normal braces.

At Excellence in Dentistry we are committed to helping you achieve your very best smile…

At Excellence in Dentistry we know what you are looking for in a dentist: superior care, high quality treatments and great results. We place emphasis on helping each of our patients achieve their very best smiles and are able to do this by listening to your needs and assessing your condition to cultivate a treatment plan that works for you.

If you are unhappy with a crooked smile and would like to discuss any cosmetic dental options

Contact you local family run Brisbane dental practice today to find out your best option!

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