Excellence in Dentistry is now offering Ceramic Dental Implants

Excellence in Dentistry is now offering Ceramic Dental Implants

What is it to lose a tooth?

There’s more to losing a tooth than the obvious gap in your smile. A lost tooth affects your jaw and your remaining teeth. When you lose a tooth, the section of your jaw that ‘holds’ the tooth root in place starts to atrophy. And it won’t grow back. It will start to atrophy straight away.

The problem with jawbone atrophy is both aesthetic and functional

The functional problem is: further tooth loss. This will not happen overnight, but it will happen. As the jawbone that ‘holds’ the tooth root in place starts to atrophy it will affect the rest of your jaw and result in further tooth loss. This can also affect how easy it is to eat.  Certain teeth are designed for particular functions: if teeth designed to tear are suddenly being used to chew there’s a chance it’ll make digestion more difficult.

The aesthetic problem is: sunken appearance. The problem with jawbone atrophy and tooth loss is a sunken, hollow cheeked appearance.

Dental implant treatment

Replacing a tooth provides support for your jaw and remaining teeth.

When you lose a tooth the teeth on either side of the gap begin to shift, becoming crooked. Not only are crooked teeth harder to keep clean, they can also cause a misaligned bite—this can cause headaches, neck and jaw pain. As you can see, not replacing a missing tooth can cause a whole lot of problems.

We now offer pure ceramic dental implants. The treatment for ceramic dental implants is similar to traditional implants with one notable exception. Where a traditional implant treatment requires three parts, a ceramic dental implant treatment only requires two. What this means for you is a faster treatment time, fewer dental appointments as well as fewer stitches.

Receive the right treatment for your oral health needs

Excellence in Dentistry offers a variety of solutions for your missing teeth. For patients who want dental implants but aren’t compatible with titanium biocompatible implants, we offer ceramic dental implants. These are just as strong and effective as traditional dental implants without the risk of corrosion that accompanies metal implants.

Not only do we offer dental implants, we also offer dental bridges. A dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth attached to one or two dental crowns.

If you would like to know more about how Excellence in Dentistry can help you, or to make an appointment at our dental practice in Brisbane, please contact us today.

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