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Five Fantastic Tips for Whiter Teeth

Everyone wants a beautiful, bright smile – and now they can with these easy hints and tips for a whiter smile… It’s a cosmetic craze that gained traction decades ago, and only continues to gain momentum. In the quest for perfection many turn to tooth whitening in order to beautify…

Tooth Whitening up 116% Since Last Year

Why Getting Your Teeth Professionally Whitened Is Better For Your Health There is a lot of online chatter about teeth whitening at the moment. Even more so than usual, this might have something to do with the surge in demand for tooth whitening. More and more people are looking to…

Inchair vs Home Whitening

Dentist Sally Farhandi discusses some differences between Professional InChair Whitening and Home teeth whitening kits Looking for more information ->

Considering Teeth Whitening

How to whiten your teeth. Food and drinks stain our teeth with time. In simple words stains penetrate our teeth and discolour them and that’s the reason no matter how good we brush or scrub our teeth, we can’t get rid of stained teeth. And that’s the reason teeth whitening…

How to whiten your teeth

How to make your teeth white Did you know that some teeth whitening procedures can leave you with unwanted side effects? Well, if you’re considering teeth whitening treatment it’s time to listen up. Teeth whitening is the process of using hydrogen peroxide to bleach the outer layer of the tooth,…

White teeth and your health

What do you associate with great health? When you meet someone what is it about them that makes you decide that they are healthy or even attractive? What are the stand-out features that you notice straight away? Is it clean shiny hair, clear skin, or even a big smile? At…

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