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Don’t let a dental emergency take you by surprise!

Act fast and secure an emergency appointment at Excellence in Dentistry in Brisbane At some point in most people’s lives there comes a time where we suffer a dental emergency – whether it is from physical trauma or just from biting a hard piece of food! Dental emergencies are so…

Bloody Tooth!

Hello to you all, This is me in the morning of a typical working day!  and the one on the right hand side again is me at the end of my day! 7:30AM Mr. A comes in and complains that one of his bloody teeth is hurting and that his…

Teeth Grinding Prevention

Nooo, I don’t grind my teeth! Examining my patients’ mouths, almost every day I come across a few with enamel wear mainly as a result of grinding. When I ask them about it, I get the usual answer of: Noooo, I don‘t grind! No one’s ever told me I grind…


Most of us have someone around who snores or we snore ourselves.  Also, how many of us have made fun of that Auntie whose snoring can be heard from the other room or recorded dad’s snore to prove to him “he snores!”?  All the fun making aside, I would like…

Are Invisalign Braces right for me

Dr Sally from Brisbane Orthodontist Excellence in Dentistry answers another common question in here series of short videos about  Invisalign braces Are invisalign braces right for me?     Invisalign technology has come a long way and it can fix the majority of dental alignment issues. even very complicated cases.…

We’re giving back to our community with our own Dental Rescue Day!

We’re volunteering our practice for the National Dental Foundation’s Dental Rescue Day initiative, so we can help our community in the best way we can. At Excellence in Dentistry, we have long maintained that no one is ‘just another mouth,' a big part of who we are is based on the…

How to Keep Your Smile Beautiful After Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Your smile is the very first thing others notice about you, so if you have just had your teeth whitened you may want to know how to keep them looking their best! So you’ve had your teeth whitened? This will create an immediate effect on the appearance of y our…

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