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What Is Tooth Decay ?

Young Brisbane Girl With Tooth Ache

Dental Decay- Risks Of Tooth Decay? Taking care of our teeth and mouth is possibly one of the important things we learn about health. Cavities are the most prevalent teeth problems of this era causing destruction of tooth enamel. Many kinds of research and clinical studies have shown that tooth…

Dealing with a toothache without a dentist

Dental emergencies and aching teeth can be stressful, especially because the average person knows very little about dental care outside their oral hygiene routine. While many get lost in the specialised terminology of dentists- periodontics, endodontic therapy, neuromuscular orthodontics and so on– most know the nuts and bolts of how…

Can you handle the tooth?

What’s going on inside each one of your teeth may surprise you Every one of your teeth has a complex set of parts that all work together to enable you to chew, speak and smile, as well as to define the shape of the face and jaw. At Excellence in…

8 reasons why you hate the dentist

Do you have dental phobia? If the answer is yes, you join many people who hate visiting the dentist. Chances are, many of your fears about the dentist involve needles, drills and dental pain. If this is the case your fear is likely less about your dentist, and more about…

Oral health in space

New space mission to last six months, Canadian astronaut worries about oral health Generally when we think of space and astronauts the last thing on our mind is oral health, however it is not lost on Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who is worried about how many toothbrushes to pack for…

7 things you probably do that ruin your smile

Some of the biggest mistakes we can make for our teeth are ones that we may not even realise we are making… Have you been brushing your teeth twice daily? Check. Have you been avoiding sugary foods when you can? Check. So that’s it right? Unfortunately that’s not quite enough.…

What’s really going on in your mouth…

A Brisbane Dentist tells you what’s really going on in your mouth… Does either of those ring a bell? Probably not, but maybe tooth decay and gum disease do. Both of these oral diseases are the cause of approximately 90% of tooth loss in developed countries, according to the Australian…

Is the Easter bunny ruining your smile?

Is the Easter bunny ruining your smile? - Excellence in Dentistry

We think that chocolate is one of the best parts of Easter… However one of the most common questions we get asked is “Will chocolate ruin my teeth?” The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. The answer depends on the type of chocolate you are eating. At Excellence in…

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