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Same-day dental restorations for peace of mind

Need dental work but don’t want the hassle of multiple appointments and uncomfortable temporaries? If you need dental work done, or would like to enhance the appearance of your smile, but don’t feel you have the time, we have the answer. At Excellence in Dentistry in Brisbane we provide the…

Straighten your teeth in a fraction of the time

Thanks to the innovation of Social 6 Clear Braces you can now have straight teeth in just 6 months There are plenty of options out there for braces. An example of this is traditional metal braces; traditional metal braces are worn for up to three years and then a retainer…

Your teeth and dating

Yes, the two are related in a big way! Dentistry is constantly being reviewed and analysed and researched. It is one of the things that allow dentists to stay current and to keep improving ways to help you with your oral health. Oral health is important not just for your…

Fix Your Smile Invisibly

If you need braces then social 6 invisible braces may be the answer! Too often it is the idea of braces that put people off, just saying the word can evoke an almost irrational fear at the idea of having metal wire bonded to the front of your teeth. This…

Get that promotion with the help of Excellence in Dentistry

Your promotion could be just one dental treatment away! It has been scientifically proven – white teeth lead to success! A study performed in 2007 has found that a beautiful, white smile has a direct impact on positive social and professional interactions. It does make sense – your pearly whites…

Getting Your Amalgam Fillings Removed

At Excellency in Dentistry we offer safe amalgam fillings removal There is still a lot of debate surrounding amalgam fillings and whether or not they are safe. Some countries (like Sweden) have banned amalgam altogether, while other countries (like America) are still studying the results. A lot of dentists do…

Five Fantastic Tips for Whiter Teeth

Everyone wants a beautiful, bright smile – and now they can with these easy hints and tips for a whiter smile… It’s a cosmetic craze that gained traction decades ago, and only continues to gain momentum. In the quest for perfection many turn to tooth whitening in order to beautify…

Tooth Whitening up 116% Since Last Year

Why Getting Your Teeth Professionally Whitened Is Better For Your Health There is a lot of online chatter about teeth whitening at the moment. Even more so than usual, this might have something to do with the surge in demand for tooth whitening. More and more people are looking to…

Toothaches Can Cause TMD!

…And So Can About a Dozen or So Other Symptoms TMD can be hard to diagnose because there are literally more than a dozen symptoms. If you are suffering from a combination of symptoms, you might be suffering from TMD. But the symptoms can be so commonplace that you might…

Considering Teeth Whitening

How to whiten your teeth. Food and drinks stain our teeth with time. In simple words stains penetrate our teeth and discolour them and that’s the reason no matter how good we brush or scrub our teeth, we can’t get rid of stained teeth. And that’s the reason teeth whitening…

Invisible Braces Allow for a Quick Fix

Social 6 Invisible Braces are a great way to get straight teeth In the digital age, it is very much about how a person looks. With social media and constant media coverage there is no escape from photos and image-conscious brands. Studies performed at the beginning of the year showed…

Why it is good for your health to have amalgam fillings removed

Despite the many naysayers, it is actually beneficial for your health to remove amalgam fillings There are those in the dental community who still believe that the risks associated with amalgam fillings are negligible. While there is still debate as to the effects of amalgam fillings, at Excellence in dentistry…

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