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Amalgam fillings: toxic or safe?

Do amalgam fillings really make you sick? There is still a lot of noise surrounding silver amalgam fillings: are they safe or are they inflicting pain, misery and suffering on patients who have silver fillings? It is a serious question. According to world-renowned New York dentist Dr Jonathan Levine silver fillings…

UN treaty on mercury expected to phase down amalgam globally

This article is from INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF ORAL MEDICINE AND TOXICOLOGY website... UN treaty on mercury expected to phase down amalgam globally; Draws praise from consumer and environmental groups While no dental amalgam phase out date has been set, UN mercury treaty talks are expected to result in the phase…

Amalgam fillings

Do I need to consider Safe Amalgam Filling Removal? irst thing you should be aware of is the changes in Amalgams as they get old. As amalgam ages it expands and cause micro-cracks on teeth. It is not uncommon for people to say "I was only biting into a piece…

Getting Your Amalgam Fillings Removed

At Excellency in Dentistry we offer safe amalgam fillings removal There is still a lot of debate surrounding amalgam fillings and whether or not they are safe. Some countries (like Sweden) have banned amalgam altogether, while other countries (like America) are still studying the results. A lot of dentists do…

Mercury Filling Replacements

About Mercury Filling Replacement Wish it was that easy. These days many people are aware that mercury fillings cause health problems. At certain levels the side effects can cause neurological issues, autoimmune disease, chronic illnesses and mental disorders. But replacing these fillings is not that simple. This procedure has to…

Say Adios to Amalgam!

And say hello to new aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly composite fillings Amalgam fillings have been used in the dentistry profession for over 150 years. With new research and the advancement of technology it has been said that amalgam fillings, which contain mercury, could be hazardous to the patient’s health. Where…

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